Any Album Adele


Adele has apparently sold more albums than everyone else put together ever, or something, so it seems fitting that I've made this weird discovery:

You can seamlessly put Adele's album cover photos onto pretty much any other album cover.

Don't believe me? Try it! And tag them #AnyAlbumAdele so we can marvel at them all.

Here is the cold hard proof

AnyAlbumAdele - Arctic Monkeys
AnyAlbumAdele - Kate Bush
iTunes: The Dreaming

AnyAlbumAdele - Bob Dylan
AnyAlbumAdele - Daft Punk
AnyAlbumAdele - David Bowie
iTunes: Heroes

AnyAlbumAdele -Lady Gaga
iTunes: Born This Way

AnyAlbumAdele - Iggy Pop
iTunes: Lust For Life

AnyAlbumAdele - Queen
iTunes: Queen II

AnyAlbumAdele - Pink Floyd
AnyAlbumAdele - Kiss
iTunes: Dynasty

NB Copyright for all the album artwork remains will all original artists.


Adele is on iTunes here

I've made a compilation playlist of tracks from these albums - give it a spin.

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