Christmas Cards 2018


Here's my festive offering for 2018, and the big news it that this year you'll be able to find a selection of my Christmas cards on the shelves in Selfridges, along with some old favourites as well. But they're all available online at Freedom Creations.

There are cards for mods, new romantics, punks, britpoppers, djs and vinyl fanatics, as well as a few non-music designs to send a message of love and equality at a time when those in power are trying their best to divide us.

As always, 10% of all profits go to the fantastic East London young people's charity Step Forward.

Britpop Christmas Cards
New Romantic Christmas Cards
Punk Christmas Cards
Mod Christmas Cards
Mad Fir It Christmas Cards
Vinyl DJ Christmas Cards
Ziggy Pudding Christmas Cards
Punk Rock Christmas Cards
Peace Love Equality Christmas Cards


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