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I've fought it for so long, but the magic of Bluetooth and the space I will gain from replacing the old record player and speakers has finally won.

I'm not majorly into the tech of audio equipment (can you tell?!), but the aesthetics are just as pleasing as the sound for me - the more retro the better.

Speaker art by Pello

I think for most musos, the sound system was the focal point of the teenage bedroom, whether a Dansette, a ghetto blaster or a hi-fi. The tech may have changed over the decades, but the sentiment hasn't. The rise in vinyl sales goes to show we still want a tangible audio experience, even though we can stream anything we want. But the Bluetooth record players you can get are so nice to look at, it's really no hardship to sacrifice the wires now... providing it still sounds good...

So all this thoughtful consideration over my beloved speakers has resulted in some new abstract prints for any audiophiles out there who also don't have space for the gear!

All prints are available as A3 or A2, and you can order them here.

Speaker 01 by Pello
Speaker 02 by Pello
Speaker 03 (L) by Pello
Speaker 03 (R) by Pello
Speaker 04 by Pello


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