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Have a listen to my Digital playlist - for a life [dis]connected.

This collection of robot, computer and social networking-related songs is the soundtrack to my Facebook-inspired Social Networking Bollocks and Twitter-inspired Hashtag cards.

Damon Albarn may have perfectly summed up our modern day addiction to our devices in 2014's 'Everyday Robots', but Kate Bush somehow managed to see it coming in the 1980s when she wrote 'Deeper Understanding'.

Of course there couldn't be a digitally-themed playlist without some electronic tracks by Kraftwerk or Daft Punk, but there's also some more recent songs that reference the Social Networking phenomena. Both 'Computer Love' and 'Digital Love' have proven to stand the test of time, but despite Passenger's track 'Facebook' being bang on trend right now, it's safe to say it won't be relevant in 30 years time.

Which makes me wonder, what WILL musicians be writing about by then... or will the robots being doing it for them?

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Social Media Cards

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