My latest print is the ultimate game of Catchphrase for any rock & pop muso.

After the playlist that accompanied my Music Map went down well, I thought I'd create some artwork for a playlist rather than the other way round. So take a look at the picture below and count how many song titles spring to mind - there are at least 60 possibilities, and I know you're going to find some that I didn't even have in mind when drawing it. Just say what you see!

There are no right or wrong answers. The illustrated songs range from obvious to obscure, and some parts of the picture can represent more than one song title.

Once you're done, you can listen to the playlist to see if you got the same songs that are on there, and check out your rating below to see how you did.

If you want a closer inspection before you reveal the playlist, then you can buy a print and stare at it until you're happy you've got them all!

A3 prints are available to buy here

Song Illustration Poster - click to buy a print

What's your rating?

Share your results & see if your friends can do better...

0 - 10 Songs
You're an absolute beginner

11 - 20 Songs
You still haven't found what you're looking for

21 - 30 Songs
Oh, you're halfway there! You're livin' on a prayer

31 - 40 Songs
You don't need no education

41 - 50 Songs
Put another dime in the jukebox baby, you love rock 'n' roll

50+ Songs
You're the King (or queen) of Rock 'n' Roll

The Playlist

When you think you've got as many songs as you can, view the playlist of the first 60+ songs featured in the picture. Well done if you've found some more of your own!

A3 prints are available to buy here

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