Don't you wonder sometimes about sound and vision?

I don't just throw this shit together y'know. Usually when I create something there's a whole back story going on which you can read, digest and nod along to here. And then we can bond over it and become friends.


Music Gives You Wings

If 1967 was the summer of love, is 2022 the summer of music?


Going Once at the RA

RA Summer Exhibition 2022


United States Vs United Kingdom: Music Battle

A celebration of music from both sides of the Atlantic


T-Shirts and Bags

You can now get some of my artwork as t-shirts and tote bags, and all ethically produced


Muso's Eye Chart

Out loud from the top please...


Mix Tape

Is there any other object that can store and produce human emotions quite so well and in such a tangible way as the mix tape?


The Mix for a Happy Existence

Bringing some harmony to the world


Album Movie Mashups

Reimagining massive album as iconic film posters


Speakers Corner

I think for most musos, the sound system was the focal point of the teenage bedroom, whether a Dansette, a ghetto blaster or a hi-fi. The tech may have changed over the decades, but the sentiment hasn't...


Fab Four

I like The Beatles, and I also like Fab lollies...


The Return of Live Music

This year's BRITs marked the return of live music - a moment a lot of us have been waiting for, and one I therefore wanted to commemorate...


Morals Vaccine

Trying to turn my despair into something positive...


Rosetta and Yola

A duet of dreams...


Musical Tuck Shop

If you could get one item from my musical tuck shop, what would it be?


Play Like A Girl

Celebrating queens of music, past and present...


Happy Xmas (2020 is Over)

2 designs inspired by John & Yoko


Christmas Cards 2020

5 takes on some festive faves


A world without live music

I really think the arts can save us from this shit Footloose sequel we are currently living in...


British Mugs

In the wake of being repeatedly gaslit by the Government, let's celebrate what's Great about British culture


How many bands can you see?

Thought I'd draw another puzzle to help ease the lockdown blues...


Heart Beat (Blue)

I recently read that people's bodies synchronise when they experience art together and I really love the idea of this...


Umusic Autumn 2019 Poster

I was asked to create the artwork for the annual Universal Music gig 'Umusic Autumn'


Feminist Jukebox

Sister Rosetta, The Suffragettes, The RA and the Feminist Jukebox


Singbats 2


Sgt. Pepper 50

A collage of some of my favourite British albums and album artwork from the last 5 decades.


More than music

If you think about it, record shops provide us with so much more than just music...


Make Birthdays Great Again

Be bang on trend and cry "fake news" at anything you don't like - including your age.



I've been playing with some musician puns to create some new illustrations. If you like Madonna AND kebabs, then you're going to like this...


Any Album Adele

I've made a weird discovery: you can seamlessly put Adele's album cover photos onto pretty much any other album cover...


What if Rolling Stone killed music?

The recent Rolling Stone cover made Sinead O'Connor declare that Music is Dead. Got me thinking...


World Anthems: A Typographic Map

I started looking into national anthems, and what emerged was a long list of positivity and warmth


Hashtag Social Media

As a soundtrack to my social media cards, I've been exploring robot, computer and social networking-related songs for a life [dis]connected


Celebrating 20 years of Britpop

This month sees the 20th anniversary of some big Britpop moments. I've done a print to mark 20 years of all things Britpop (with an awesome playlist to go with it)


Love your music

Have you ever noticed how powerless to your actions you become when listening to your favourite music? I've decided to commemorate the listening experience


How many songs can you see?

Say what you see! My new print is the ultimate game of Catchphrase for any rock & pop muso. Your musical rating will depend on how many songs you can find


#RockStarXmas Cards

It's that time of year again... the 2012 #RockStarXmas cards are now available! As requested, Liam Gallagher joins Noel in the line up, plus Amy Winehouse takes her place alongside favourites Ziggy Stardust and Buddy Holly.


Music Map of Great British Bands

From The Beatles to Blur, Manic Street Preachers to Madness, Suede to Slade, The Smiths to The Stones - they all form part of the musical landscape of Great Britain, my latest print illustrates which areas the best Great British bands orginate from.


London Pleasure Gardens Artwork

London Pleasure Gardens will be transforming Pontoon Dock from its current state of dereliction into an artistic and cultural hub. Sounds good huh? So I wanted to get involved


Exhibition: Create a diversion

I'm taking part in an exhibition just off Brick Lane that explores the trails of influence that exist between visual art and music


Illustrating songs

I've been using songs as inspiration for some pictures, with some surreal results