How many bands can you see?

How many bands can you see? | 21.05.2020

Thought I'd draw another puzzle to help ease the lockdown blues...

How many band names can you see in this illustration?

There are at least 56 possibilities, and no wrong answers - you might find some that I didn't even have in mind when drawing it. Just say what you see! The illustrated bands range from obvious to obscure, and some parts of the picture can represent more than one band name.

Then when you're done, check out the answers and listen to the playlist.

If you'd like to see it in the flesh or would like to send it to someone else as a gift, there are some A5 mini prints available here. The bigger A3 art prints are here.

And if this is your kind of thing, make sure you've had a go at How Many Songs Can You See? as well.

Have fun!

Bands Illustration Poster - click to buy a print

What's your rating?

Share your results & see if your friends can do better...

0 - 10 Bands

Band level: New Seekers

11 - 20 Bands

Band level: The Searchers

21 - 30 Bands

Band level: Average White Band

31 - 40 Bands

Band level: N.E.R.D.

41 - 50 Bands

Band level: The Supremes

50+ Bands

Band level: The Champs

The Playlist

When you think you've got as many songs as you can, view the playlist

Feminist Jukebox

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