Love your music

Love your music | 12.08.2013

Sometimes I think music should come with a warning: can take over body & mind.

Have you ever noticed how powerless to your actions you become when listening to your favourite music? I'm talking about involuntary physical reactions such as spontaneous air guitar, or irrational impulses to buy it in other formats even though you already own it twice.

I'm commemorating the listening experience with this typographic print - get yours here.

Make sure you add your tracks to the playlist too!

Love your music typographic poster - click to buy a print

Add to the playlist

Which songs have the biggest affects on you? Whether it's goosebump city or just HAS to be played loud? UPDATE: I did have a collaborative playlist on Spotify but it got majorly highjacked with people just adding millions of their own random entire albums etc, so join in and send me your suggestions so I can add your favourite tracks to a new one.

You can also post your song suggestions on my Facebook and I'll add them to the list.

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