Going Once at the RA

Going Once at the RA | 22.06.2022

So happy to report that my print 'Going Once' was selected by Grayson Perry for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2022! The theme of this year's show is Climate.

When I came up with this idea, a take on Banksy's famous auction stunt, I liked the juxtaposition of the simplicity of the image vs the severity of the message.

Going Once art by Pello

If the planet was viewed as a valuable piece of art, would it be more shocking to watch it's destruction?

Will the solution to climate change be an NFT of the world so that someone with the means to make a difference is invested enough to ensure it's survival?

'Going Once' is on display in Gallery VIII at the Royal Academy from June 21st – August 21st 2022, and you can buy it in person or online. It's an edition of 200 (And in case you're wondering, the print is on eco-friendly bamboo paper).

RA Summer Exhibition 2022
RA Summer Exhibition 2022

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