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More than music | 19.04.2017

If your ears are open to all kinds of music, then you probably already listen to Cerys Matthews' 6 Music show on a Sunday morning. I was doing just that a few weeks ago, when mastering engineer Mandy Parnell said something during an interview which sparked a train of thought that has led to some new artwork (below).

Speaking about the state of the music industry, Mandy said:

"I think we need to really try and educate the public more that music has value - so many people have forgotten how much it costs people to actually make a record - and to really get the value back in music."

I wondered what a campaign about the value of music would look like.

What value do people place on music? What value do people put on other things in comparison?

Which reminded me of something Noel Gallagher said in this interview a few years ago:

"People are more willing to spend a tenner on 2 coffees [...] that will last 45 minutes [than] buy an album for a tenner that will last a lifetime and might even tell you something about yourself and might even change your life."

The Value of Music

So I embarked on creating some posters for this hypothetical campaign to place more value on music. And with it being Record Store Day this weekend (Sat 22nd April 2017), what better time to get down a local record shop, and spend some hard earned cash on something potentially life changing. Something genuinely priceless. (I will probably buy a cuppa while I'm out too, though).

If you like the designs, there are a set of A5 postcards available to buy.

Escape - click to buy a print

Need some headspace?

Spend some quality time with your record collection.

Travel the World - click to buy a print

Like to travel?

Take a sonic trip around the globe every time you step in your local record store.

Discover something New - click to buy a print

Looking for adventure?

Find something new and unexpected to listen to every day.

Go back in time - click to buy a print

Time travel is possible.

Let music transport you to any decade, or revisit a moment in your life.

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